1. If You Lose the Key Fob, You Will Have to Call Your Atlanta Locksmith for a Replacement

    Many of the new cars on the market today don't come with keys, you are simply handed a key fob and sent on your way. The physical key you used to get when purchasing a car is starting to go away in favor of keyless ignitions. The fob you get not only opens your car door, it also holds the ability to start your car, even while you are sitting in your living room watching the news. That is just one …Read More

  2. If You Discover You Cannot Access Your Safe, You Will Need to Call Your Atlanta Locksmith

    Many people believe a safe deposit box at their bank is the safest way to store important items. This is because banks are notorious for being safe places with alarm systems and tight security. But the items you store in a bank safe deposit box are rarely insured, while the items you have in your home are often covered under your homeowner's insurance policy. In addition, don't think that any cash…Read More

  3. Emergencies When Calling Your Atlanta Locksmith is the Proper Move

    When you think about an emergency, you might think about a fire or car accident where the fire department or police are involved. And in these types of emergencies, you reach for the phone and dial 911. That is how we are taught to deal with such events. But there are emergencies that might arise in which you will not dial 911, it is these emergencies when calling your Atlanta locksmith is the pro…Read More